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Swiss Magician – Professionnal Illusionnist – FISM Member

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Cyril Chappatte fell into magic when, as 7 years old child, he received his first magic kit. His parents saw that this young man was really interested in this art. They decided to sign him in a Magic School “only one year to test”.

During his seven years of learning in this School, Cyril enchanted his professors with his skills and ideas. Quickly his abilities show the makings of a great Illusionist. His success among the amazed spectators encourages him to pursue a career as a Professional Magician without neglecting his technical studies.

To gain recognition for his talent among his peers, he takes the final exam of the Magic School where he obtains the highest distinction of this Institution: the “Black Wand”.
Thus recognized, he joins the very private Circle of Magic Teachers.

That same year, at only 18 years of age, he partnered up with an ex-former student of the Magic School, Vincent Tarrit, to produce entirely their first magic show: “Tout ou Rien”.

This huge success, which displaces crowds and filled theatres with sold-out tickets, propels them onto the Western Switzerland stage, where, little by little, they create a reputation.

After a multitude of animations and shows across the Swiss Romandie, it is the consecration: Cyril takes the entrance exam of the very prestigious “Club des Magiciens de Genève” and becomes a member in 2020.

Despites a complicated year for cultural circles, Cyril and his teams are working tirelessly on a mysterious project that will be launched in autumn 2021.